CobraTec Medium Thin Blue Line OTF

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Custom Cerakoted and Lasered CobraTec medium size Thin Blue Line OTF. This knife is made of zinc-aluminum alloy and is backed by a Lifetime Warranty.

The Thin Blue Line is a phrase and symbol used by Law Enforcement. The phrase refers figuratively to the position of law enforcement in society as a bulwark between order and Anarchy. The symbol depicts a thin blue line, representing law enforcement, against a black background, and is commonly used to express solidarity with police, to commemorate policeman who have died in the line of duty, and to symbolize the relationship of law enforcement with the community as the protectors of the community from criminals and victimization.


  • Zinc Aluminum Alloy Knurled Handle
  • Black and Blue Cerakote
  • 440C Stainless Steel Blade
  • Pocket Clip
  • Holster
  • 8 Inches in total length
  • 5 Inch handle
  • 3 Inch blades
  • Weighs 4.5 Ounces
  • Lifetime Wrranty